Buried in Snow? Buy a House!

jfbr-blog-1-15-2014The Polar Vortex has departed, but many are not quick to forget the extreme low temperatures that practically paralyzed cities across the country. Lucky for us here in North Carolina, we are once again experiencing temps in the 60’s and 70’s. With this comfortable warmth in mid-January, some Northerners are probably tempted to find out what life below the mason Dixon line could hold for them, too.

Launching a new house search in the heart of winter sounds strange, correct? But, this time makes perfect sense down here. Let’s put it this way: As mercury drops up north – interest in home availability heats up down south.

Why is this? Well, regional real estate prices generally hold steady – if not dip – in January and February. This is due in large part to a lull in buyer interest. The seller’s uncertainty over the timing of the next uptick results in more negotiation leverage for those interested in purchasing.

It obviously depends on what part of the country you’re looking to buy a home. However, in many of the Southern markets where you’re generally not competing with uncooperative winter weather, options abound and sellers are extremely anxious.

In October, ABC News affirmed this sentiment, reporting that many sellers who put homes on the market during the holidays likely do so not by choice, but by circumstance. This makes them much more motivated to reach a deal.

It could be a new job in another city, family obligations – it’s typically something that requires a quick move on the seller’s part. Pair that with fewer buyers looking, and it makes for a good win for those who discover these properties!

With many people now enduring treacherous winter weather after wrapping up holiday stays in the balmy South, it’s not uncommon that interest surges in local housing markets between December and February.

Ultimately – during this time of year – the idea of living where salt air replaces salted roads is a vision that resonates with most people who pass through the Southeastern coast. For those who fall in love and wished they didn’t have to go back, it just kind of clicks.

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