5 Common Misconceptions About Real Estate Buyer’s Agents

5 Common Misconceptions About Real Estate Buyer’s Agents

Ask the average new home buyer and there is a good chance that they have misconceptions about real estate buyer’s agents. But unfortunately, what these home buyers don’t know could wind up costing them money.

If you are looking to purchase a new home, learn the truth about buyer’s agents so you can get the best deal on your new home. Here, Just For Buyers Realty sheds some truth on the five most common misconceptions about buyer’s agents.


#1: Buyer’s Agents are Expensive to Hire  

The truth is that hiring a buyer’s agent doesn’t cost the home buyer any additional out of pocket costs. Actually, the buyer’s agent’s fee is paid by the seller’s agent’s listing fee which is separated at closing between the buyer’s agent and seller’s agent.


#2: I Can Use My Buyer’s Agent to Sell My Home

While technically some buyer’s agents may have the skills to list and sell your home, their specialty lies in being a buyer’s agent and this is a completely different skillset. Technically, by definition an exclusive buyer’s agent cannot be a listing agent. Rather, if you are interested in selling a home, Just For Buyers Realty can refer you to a seller’s agent who will help you get the most for your home.


#3: A Buyer’s Agent is Restricted in the Homes They Can Show a Buyer

Buyer’s agents can show a home shopper any home on the market, including those that are for sale by owner and new construction homes. All you have to do is tell your agent about the property you are interested in seeing and they will make the necessary arrangements for you to see it.


#4: Signing an Exclusive Buyer’s Agent Agreement Makes Any Agent an Exclusive Buyer’s Agent

Home buyers will exclusively use a buyer’s agency to assist in purchasing a home. Only buyer’s agents who work in buyer agency offices that never list properties for sale can be deemed “exclusive” buyer’s agents because that is all they do. They do not list properties and they do not sell properties. Therefore, agents who work in traditional real estate offices cannot be exclusive buyer’s agents, even with a signed exclusive buyer’s agent agreement.


#5: All Real Estate Agents are Alike

Just as in every other profession, real estate agents are not all created equal. An exclusive buyer’s agent is the only real estate professional who works for the buyer 100% of the time. A buyer’s agent represents the buyer’s best interests and in doing so tries to gain as much important information about the home as possible to negotiate for the best possible price on their chosen property.


Don’t Go It Alone: Hire a Buyer’s Agent From Just For Buyers Reality

Buying a new home is more challenging now than ever, so why do it alone when you can have an experienced real estate buyer’s agent working on your behalf to help ensure you get the right home at the best price? If you are in the market for a new home and you want an expert to help you negotiate the best terms, give us a call at 910-202-4813 today. One of our exclusive buying agents will be more than pleased to assist you.

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