When Shopping for Homes in Wilmington NC, Have a Homebuyer’s Checklist and Always Check It Twice

When Shopping for Homes in Wilmington NC, Have a Homebuyer’s Checklist and Always Check It Twice

With the real estate market bouncing back from the recession, more and more homebuyers are shopping for new homes in Wilmington NC. But, as competition heats up and homes start selling faster, some of these potential buyers may find themselves in the position of buying homes that simply don’t fit their needs.

Even in a competitive market, settling for a home that doesn’t make sense for your family is a poor investment. That’s why it is more important than ever to have a homebuyer’s checklist. With your checklist as your guide, you will be better able to find and buy the right home for your family’s needs. Here are some of the things your homebuyer’s checklist should include.


Does the Home Have Enough Space for Your Family?

How much home do you need? Do you have children or are you planning on having a child in the near future? Is the yard large enough for your pets? Is there enough closet space? Do you entertain frequently? Is there adequate parking to accommodate your guests? Thinking about your current and future needs will help ensure that your home can accommodate your family’s changes through the years.


Is the Home Move-In Ready?

Any time someone buys a new home, repairs and modifications can be expected. But, what you don’t want is to move into a new home that needs to be completely renovated (unless that is your intention). Do a thorough inspection of the property and look for anything that is going to need replacing in the near future. Have a professional home inspector also conduct an inspection. This will help ensure that the home is move-in ready for your family.


How Much Can You Realistically Afford to Pay?

Many new homebuyers fall victim to home buying fever and wind up falling in love with more home than they can realistically afford. For this reason, it is essential to get pre-approved for your loan before you start shopping. Remember, just because you’re approved for a certain amount, doesn’t mean you have to buy a home priced at that amount. Your new budget will include more than your mortgage. Don’t forget you’ll need to factor in taxes, higher insurance, and house and yard maintenance costs.


In what Kind of Neighborhood is the Property Located?

As you make your way through the neighborhood, take a look at the other houses. Are they well cared for? Is there a neighborhood watch? Drive through the neighborhood at various times of day and night to get a better understanding of it. When driving through at night, take notice of how well the neighborhood is lit, whether or not there are suspicious looking people roaming the streets, and how loud or quiet the community is in the evening hours. You can also do an Internet search for any crimes that may have occurred in the community.


What are the Schools Like?

Good neighborhoods tend to have great school systems. Of course, that isn’t always the rule, but it is more likely the case than not. Do thorough research on the local public school system before purchasing a home in the area. This way, you will know that your kids (or future children) will receive an excellent education.


What Local Amenities are Available?

When you are shopping for a new home, consider the available amenities. Is it important to you to have nearby grocery stores, banks, or medical offices? Drive around the local community to see what’s there and what’s not. Go into the grocery store to check out the quality of its produce, meat, and seafood. Visit the local library and take a look at how well the local businesses are doing. Are there more empty buildings than occupied or do the local businesses look successful?


Improve Your Odds of Buying the Right Home with a Buyer’s Agent

A buyer’s agent is a valuable asset that you can use to help you find and buy the perfect home for your family. At Just For Buyers Realty, we are experts at helping our clients negotiate the best possible terms on new homes in Wilmington NC. If you are in the market for a new home and you want to ensure your home meets or exceeds your homebuyer’s checklist, then give us a call at 910-444-2851 today. One of our exclusive buying agents will be more than pleased to assist you.

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