6 Ways to Make Your Move to North Carolina Smoother for Your Kids

So you’ve decided to move to North Carolina! You’ve probably given it a lot of thought, and for whatever reason, you’ve determined it is the best move for your family. But just because it is the best move, doesn’t mean it will be a completely smooth move, especially if you have children.

The home you are leaving behind to move to North Carolina may be the only home your children have known. For your older children, the move may mean saying goodbye to lifelong friends. Below are seven suggestions for helping your children make the transition to their new home go more smoothly.

Visit your new home and neighborhood
If it is possible, bring your children to visit their new city, neighborhood and home prior to moving day. Be sure to point out all the things you think they will love about their new home. Show them their new backyard and bedroom, and discuss where favorite toys will go and how furniture will be arranged. Removing some of the unknowns from the equation may help them feel more at ease about the move.

Learn about North Carolina
North Carolina is a state very rich in history, from the Atlantic Ocean to the Blue Ridge Mountains. Your children will enjoy visiting the lighthouses that dot our coast and learning about the pirates that once patrolled our shores. Together, you and your children can plan many day trips to the various museums, aquariums, beaches, parks and historic sites that are found in your new state.

Talk about their new school
Nearly every school now has a website where you can learn about your child’s new school. Many of the websites include information on extracurricular activities and school events, so you can get a sense of what student life will be like for your child. It may be helpful to place a call to the new school. Many schools have staff members available to give prospective students a tour and to answer questions about the school.

Make a memory book
For some children, creating a memory book of their old home may help make the move a little easier. The book can include drawings of the house and neighborhood, written memories of holidays and birthdays celebrated in the home, and photos of fun times with friends. Your children will feel like they are bringing a piece of their old home with them to North Carolina, softening any sense of loss they may be feeling.

Pack with your children
Allowing your children to help you with packing will give them a sense of control over the situation. Packing is an easy way to include your child in the move. It can be helpful to give your child a box to fill with all of their favorite possessions, so they can easily find the things that are most important to them as soon as you arrive at your new home.

Make old friends pen pals
Prior to moving day, speak to the parents of your child’s friends. Ask them if they would be supportive of a pen pal relationship between your children. For a 21st century twist, kids can keep in touch via Skype or Facetime. It’s not the same as playing with them in person every day, but it is a fun way to keep in touch with friends after the move. Your child will feel better knowing that the move doesn’t mean they will lose their old friends. They can keep them and make lots of new ones in North Carolina.

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