Hampstead has become a popular choice for people who want to move to the Cape Fear region. You can get more home for your money, the taxes are lower, and parents love the school district.

Last year, Pender County had the 5th highest growth rate in the state. It saw a population increase of 13.2% and much of that growth is in the unincorporated town of Hampstead.

The center of Hampstead is only 25 miles away from downtown Wilmington. But depending on the time of day and the traffic, the trip can take anywhere from 30 minutes to more than an hour. The irony is that because of the quick travel on I-140  Downtown Wilmington may be more accessible to people in Hampstead than working in an office in the Northern part of Wilmington… where the only way to get to it is thru the heavy travelled, much backed up, Highway 17

The town of Hampstead has three public golf courses. Both the Belvedere and Old Point Course were opened in the 1970’s and are located off of the appropriately named Country Club Road.  The newest course is the Scottish link style Caste Bay Country Club.

Hampstead is only 14 miles away from Wrightsville Beach, but because of traffic Google Maps estimate that it takes 40 minutes to make the trip. A closer option may actually be further away. Topsail Island is 18 miles from Hampstead, but Google says the trip can be made in only 23 minutes.


Topsail Island has three separate beaches, Surf City, North Topsail and Topsail Beach with a combined total of 26 miles of coastline. The area has only 500 residents and very little commercialization… making it more peaceful and remote than other locations,

As of this writing, there are more than 200 homes on the market in Hampstead. They include secluded homes on several acres, to homes in beautiful neighborhoods with sidewalks and HOA fees, to luxury waterfront properties

Homes typically are on larger lots and, due to the relatively lower cost of land in Hampstead, offer values difficult to find closer to Wilmington. The school districts are among the best in the region, and  Kiwanis Park offers terrific amenities for families including soccer and baseball fields, playground equipment and memorial gardens.

The down side is the growth has come too quickly. The county has had trouble keeping up with the demand on water and sewer and the roads are crowded. 43,000 motorist a day drive in Hampstead…consequently, it has a crash rate that is 16% higher than the state average.

Relief is scheduled to come in 2020 when construction of a bypass begins, but that project will be done in phases and will take several years… but relief is coming.

If you are interested in Hampstead, give us a call and our agents can help with the search.


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