There’s an old story, who knows if it’s actually true, about a guy who tells his co-worker that he’s going to the big game this weekend. “Wow!” says the friend, “I didn’t know you were a baseball fan.”

“I’m not,” says our guy, ” But my son loves the game, and I am a huge fan of my son!”

When you find out you’re about to become a parent you dream that the child will be a little mini-me. The hope is that the kid will be an exact copy with all your interests and hobbies. But, it rarely works out that way.

In my case, I knew that one day that little peanut sized dude on the ultrasound would become my golfing buddy. 14 years later, the boy refuses to pick up a club.

I am sharing all this with you, because like the dad in our story, I am a big fan of my son. And so, this weekend the two of us will head to Fayetteville for the region’s largest Comic-Con.

I’m actually a veteran of the Comic-Con scene. Which is really strange. I couldn’t tell you the difference between Marvel and D.C, don’t understand why Captain America and Ironman are holding a grudge against each other. I am also totally confused why Green Lantern keeps changing his name, and his race. And could someone please tell me if Hulk is a good guy or a villain.

Still, in spite of my ignorance, I know my way around a convention hall filled with science fiction and fantasy. This will be the third year that we will make the 90 minute drive. And yes, it is really worth it. It’s kind of like Mardi Gras without the alcohol… or the beads. Everywhere you look someone is dressed up and in character, and there are even street performers… only, there’s no street, just an aisle.

The folks who put on the show, from the organizers to those who man the booths, to the spectators who show up in costume, are so passionate about their hobby that they make it fun for everyone around them. I love being around passionate people when they’re in their zone… even if I don’t understand what all the fuss is about.

Do you have a comic book or fantasy fan in your life? Then make some plans this weekend to head to Fayetteville. The show runs Saturday and Sunday at the Crown Complex on 1960 Collesium Drive.

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