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Brunswick County welcomes a flurry of new residents every year relocating to North Carolina. Just minutes from Wilmington, properties and communities to the east of the Cape Fear River are known for their relaxing and easy-going environment – perfect for those seeking vacation as their new permanent lifestyle. Some retirees, however, look for a step beyond relaxation. Tiny, yet picturesque, Bald Head Island offers much sought after seclusion.


Located two miles across the mouth of the Cape Fear River from Southport, Bald Head Island is accessed only by ferry or personal boat. This limited means of entry results in some of the most private and exclusive waterfront real estate in North Carolina. With island transportation restricted to bicycles and golf carts, residents are never bothered with the fast pace or noise of automobiles.

Bald Head Island is a natural paradise, containing 14 miles of beaches, a maritime forest and a stretch of marsh lands that are home to shore birds and abundant plant life. With two yacht clubs and country clubs located on the island, residents are provided with limitless entertainment options. Fine dining restaurants, a premier NC golf course, tennis courts, swimming pools, and retail shops in the village complete the package that is Bald Head living. Considering the conservative size of the island, housing is very selective. The village consists of less than one hundred homes ranging from extravagant to quaint and certainly not the least expensive North Carolina coastal real estate for sale. But, for those seeking the premier private lifestyle, Bald Head Island has it all.

Housing here is selective, as there are only 88 homes on the island. The homes range from breathtaking to quaint, but all are expensive. The combined village and county property tax rate on Bald Head Island for 2013 is $1.03 per $100 of valuation. (Personal property such as autos, trucks, boats, aircraft, motor homes, business assets, etc are taxed at the same rate as real property.)

Relatively high property taxes, transportation costs for the ferry and the hour-long trip to Wilmington might be viewed by some as negatives, but one suspects that island residents see them as positives as they ensure the exclusivity of life on Bald Head Island.

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