Better Buyer Process™

The Better Buyer Process is a carefully planned approach to buying a new home. It ensures your purchase will be handled with the utmost care by people who GENUINELY want you to make it through the process feeling like a winner. These are the steps we’ll take together when you allow Just For Buyers Realty to protect your best interests.

(1) Get in Shape

Financial shape, that is

If you plan to pay in cash for your new home, this step simply requires providing proof of your funds. However, if you plan to finance your purchase, this will likely be the most time-intensive part of the experience. This is why our Better Buyer Process begins here. We know most of the lenders in the area and which ones have the best programs for your specific needs. Especially true in lending, one size does not fit all. You can count on your Exclusive Buyer’s Agent (EBA) to help you sort through the options, potentially saving you thousands of dollars over the life of your loan.

(2) Be Heard

We actively listen for your wants and needs

This step sets the groundwork for finding your perfect home. Simply put, we listen to and retain the information you offer. Active listening – it’s what we as EBAs do best. Our Client Needs and Desires Assessment helps you to clearly identify the home features you feel are most important. This assessment ensures we stay focused on your priorities throughout our Better Buyer Process.

(3) Take the Tour

See the best options up close and personal

Based on the information gathered in Step 2, you’ll receive daily search results showcasing available homes that meet your specic criteria. After reviewing the options, we’ll set up appointments for you to view the homes that interest you most. As we begin the home viewing process, you’ll never be empty-handed. We provide specially developed tools to help you rate and compare all options so you can easily identify your top picks.

(4) Get the Scoop

Everything you need is in the packet

Once you’ve narrowed your choices, your EBA will provide you with an in-depth Knowledge is Power Packet. The packet will provide as much detail as your agent can “dig up” on key details, such as seller motivation, home history, neighborhood statistics, prices paid for recent sales of similar properties, and obvious deficiencies of your top three selections. Your Knowledge is Power Packet is provided to give you confidence in your decision and in-depth information to best position you and your EBA for the most effective negotiations.

(5) Negotiate The Best Terms

Our experience, your best advantage

We are trained negotiators who work closely with you to evaluate your priorities and to structure the best strategy based on those needs. Many buyers assume the only negotiation point is the price on the contract, but we’ll guide you through the numerous additional points many fail to consider when preparing an offer.

(6) Assign the Heavy Lifting

We know who can help you best

Getting from contract to closing is the most complicated part of the home buying process. This is where we discover and navigate the many potential challenges. Whether we uncover issues during home inspections, the title search, loan approval process, insurance purchasing or any other step, we will connect you with the Power Partners you need to expertly resolve these issues in a cost-effective way.

(7) The Escape Hatch

Because sometimes you need an out

Occasionally, the inspection stage reveals surprises that make it clear you need an out. This is when your EBA is particularly valuable, because we pride ourselves on always being more interested in your long-term satisfaction with your new home than with making a sale. If needed, you can count on us to get you out of a deal that’s turning sour rather than doubling down to make sure the sale closes.

(8) Closing and Beyond

We’ll always be here for you

In addition to making arrangements with your attorney and attending closing as your personal advocate, you’ll find your EBA is an invaluable resource for services both before and after you move. From utility contacts to moving companies; from cleaners and painters to landscapers and petsitters, we can connect you with quality companies and service providers* who can make adjusting to your new home simple and stress-free.

Click here to download a PDF of the Better Buying Process™

*Neither your EBA (Exclusive Buyers Agent) nor Just For Buyers Realty receives any incentives from the companies recommended. While we can’t guarantee any company’s performance, we recommend those that we believe offer excellent value based on the quality and pricing of their products and services.