Shopping for Wilmington NC Real Estate: Architecture of Wilmington’s Homes

Wilmington NC real estate is unlike anywhere else in the country. Because the local Wilmington, NC area is so historically rich and the area has thrived for over the years, it boasts a diversity of architecture that changes according to where in the area you are looking for a home. In part due to this incredible variety, it is easy to find a home that you’ll love in both style and feel.

Wilmington’s Architecture: Changing With the Times

Wilmington had its beginning during America’s Colonial period. During this time, homes were built using simple but functional building techniques that were brought over from Europe. Thanks to the region’s seemingly endless supply of lumber from the surrounding forests, most of the homes were built of wood and designed for simple living rather than demonstrating wealth.

The region’s hot and humid climate is what caused most homes being built in Wilmington to have large porches, open breezeways, and kitchens that were separate from the living spaces. As the city of Wilmington started to expand in size in the mid-nineteenth century, a variety of architectural styles were introduced into the area, including Greek Revival, Gothic Revival, Italianate, Queen Anne, Neo-Classical Revival, Colonial Revival, Craftsman, Tudor Revival, Mediterranean, and Art Moderne. Meanwhile, there are also plenty of examples of architecture that adhere to no such classification as many homes were built according to needs, tastes, technology, and available resources.

Architectural Styles in New Hanover County

  • Masonboro Sound Historic District: Late-Italianate and Colonial Revival
  • Wrightsville Beach: Carolina Cottage
  • Wrightsville Sound and Vicinity: Greco-Gothic, Mediterranean, Spanish Colonial, Neo-Classical, Colonial Revival, Greek Revival, Gothic Revival
  • Seagate Vicinity: Plantation Revival, Bungalow, Tudor Revival
  • Ogden/Scotts Hill Vicinity: Greek Revival, Craftsman
  • Castle Hayne Vicinity: Colonial
  • Wrightsboro Vicinity: Neo-Classical Revival, Classical Revival, Colonial Revival, Craftsman
  • Wilmington Vicinity: Tudor Revival, Gothic
  • Myrtle Grove/Sea Breeze Vicinity: Cottage, Neo-Classical Revival
  • Carolina Beach Vicinity: Art Moderne, Bungalow

Buying Wilmington NC Real Estate: Downtown or Beachside?

One of the biggest choices a home buyer has to decide when shopping for real estate in Wilmington NC is whether to buy in the downtown area or closer to Wrightsville Beach. Both areas offer certain benefits and drawbacks. For instance, living downtown places you right in the heart of the city so you’re closer to cultural attractions, historical areas, amenities, and conveniences. But, living downtown can be pricey and a little more crowded than some people might like.

Choosing a home closer to the beach, on the other hand, will give you more room to breathe. The homes in Wrightsville Beach provide the beach life scene by being closer to the beach but farther away from downtown’s conveniences. Summers in Wrightsville Beach tend to attract tourists to the beautiful emerald green waters and delicious local restaurants so be prepared for tourists if you choose to live in Wrightsville Beach.

In truth, both areas have their advantages and disadvantages and this makes the decision making process and challenge. But, help is available. A trained buyer’s agent can be a valuable resource for helping you find the ideal location for you and your family.

Let Our Home Buyer’s Agency Help You Decide

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