Pro and Cons of Gated Communities

There’s a certain prestige that comes with a gated neighborhood.  It suggests the community is exclusive and upscale.  There’s a greater sense of security.  All things generally thought of as positive attributes.

But, there are some less appealing aspects of gated developments you may wish to consider before committing to buying a home in one.

First, prestige and exclusivity have a price tag.  In the case of gated neighborhoods, there seems to be a wide-spread attitude that the image of being upscale automatically warrants a higher price for the land and homes located there.

Then there are “the real” additional expenses that come with a gated development.  If the “gate” is manned, the community will bore the expense of not only the gate house, but of the employees who must guard the entrance.  This typically runs into tens of thousands of dollars annually.

Of course, the expense is less if the gate is automated.  There is still the cost of maintaining the gate itself, but that number pales in comparison with the payroll for a guard(s).

Another factor that often goes unconsidered is the cost of road maintenance.  Most roads in gated communities are private.  Often, the local government agency charged with repairing roads will refuse to take responsibility for those behind gates due to access issues.  That means the expense of maintenance and repairs fall to the homeowners.  In a new community, those expenses are typically low in warm weather climates, but are more expensive in colder regions where snow removal is needed.  Regardless of location, aging roads will require attention.  When they do, it’s usually a significant cost.

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