A Sure Sign of Spring

Written by Ellen Jo Kraemer, Broker, Just For Buyers Realty.

During these early days of March, the mimosa tree which grows outside my dining room window still shows no early signs of budding. Its barren branches, blowing about in the often blustery wind, still speak of winter hibernation.

This lovely tree, however, is the one from which I have hung my varied collection of birdhouses which family and friends have gifted me through the years. While sipping my morning coffee today, I could not help but notice the bird activity in the mimosa’s branches. A little sparrow was flitting back and forth between branch and birdhouse—house-shopping, if you will, in her search for the best house in the best location within the neighborhood of that tree. Once chosen, it is within its walls that she and her mate will build a nest for the new family they plan on having.
Like this little sparrow, these early days of March are a time when many families are thinking about finding a new home in a new neighborhood. Even if you plan on waiting until summertime to make a purchase, or until the weather improves in the section of the country in which you live, now is the time to speak to a Realtor to begin the home buying process. A Realtor will guide you through the preliminary steps of pre-qualification with a local lender, discuss what criteria are most important to you, and explain how the process works in the state in which you are relocating, if you are moving from out-of-state.
Follow the lead set by the little sparrow in my mimosa tree, and contact me today about your plans for finding your new home! 910-202-4813.


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