Why Move to Wilmington? We’ll Tell You Why!

If you are thinking about moving to Wilmington, NC, you are not alone.  Hundreds of people move to the Port City and surrounding areas each year.  Everywhere you go, you will meet someone who has relocated here, and the members of the Just For Buyers Realty team are no different – we all moved to Wilmington from someplace else.  Recently, we were asked the following two questions: Why did you move here and what do you like most about living here?  Read our responses below.

Ellen Jo Kraemer:  “My two primary reasons for moving to Wilmington were the climate and my daughters already live here!  What I like most is the quick and easy accessibility to both the beach, and cultural events offered at Thalian Hall, UNCW, etc.”

Dave Chiprut:  “I moved here from Miami for the weather.  I also wanted access to the ocean.  In Wilmington, I’ve got both in spades.  Also, it is well worth mentioning that Wilmington is not a small town.  It is a real city.  It’s just not overcrowded like a city may get.  We love it here.”

Doug Harrington:  “In January 2006, after visiting our son and his family in Fayetteville, my wife and I came down to Wilmington for a few days.  Staying in Carolina Beach, we had an ocean view apartment, where we enjoyed warm weather and listening to the waves.  With retirement right around the corner, we were convinced that living and working this close to the ocean would be a nice way to live out our lives.  We have not been disappointed.  Anytime you feel down, just go to the beach and walk the pier. Wilmington has plenty of things to offer.  History goes back more than 250 years.  You can visit so many interesting sites within a short driving distance.  When friends visit, the toughest decision is where to go and what to do.  We have a festival just about every month.  Pick a season and make some plans.”

Linda Mehner:  “I moved to the Wilmington area to get away from the northeast winters and to be closer to the beach.  I love the people here.  Southern hospitality is alive and well.  I also like that there’s always something to do no matter what your interests are – history, culture, nature.  It’s a great place to live!”

Kathleen Baylies:  “I moved here because my husband accepted a job at the local TV station.  To be frank, I wasn’t at all excited about moving to a little southern town.  Everything I had heard about similar towns lead me to believe we would be treated as outsiders and attitudes would be a bit ‘backwards’.  What a relief to find my fears were profoundly misguided!  The weather and the people are my two favorite things about the area.  If forced to choose one over the other, I’ll go with the people.  There are so many people here who are from somewhere else, that it’s easy to connect and make friends.  If nothing else, you have that in common with the majority of people you meet here.  It makes it easy to start a conversation, then find other topics of common interest and develop true friendships.”

Jennifer Medwick:  “I moved to Wilmington when my husband took a job here.  Although Wilmington has not been home for very long, we couldn’t imagine a better place to live and raise our two daughters!  We love so much about Wilmington, but the beaches are probably our favorite.  We also love the multitude events take place here, many of them family oriented and enjoyed by our whole family.  The New Hanover County School System is very good; we’ve been pleased with the quality of education our daughters have received. We have found Wilmington to be a great combination of location and affordability – the cost of living here is not as high as many coastal communities.”

Are you thinking about moving to Wilmington, NC?   We were in your shoes once, and we’ve just given you multiple reasons why you should!  Call Just For Buyers Realty today at 910-202-4813 and allow us to help you relocate to Wilmington!

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