The Great, The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly

for Charlotteans Buying at the Beach

buy a new beach house in wilmington nc

It’s the ultimate dream: buying your own piece of beach paradise.  Yes, it’s pretty amazing, but it’s not all sunshine and play.  Get the full copy of “The Great, Good, Bad and Ugly of Buying at the Beach” emailed to you!

Barely four hours away lays the home of your fantasies…a house at the beach.  Maybe you’re thinking a second place for easy weekend getaways or perhaps you’re done with the city rat race and dream of a permanent home at the beach.

Whether you’re just flirting with the idea of purchasing a beach house or you’re ready to start your search, here is a brief collection, both good and bad, of the things I wish I had known before I became a beach dweller.

buy a house on the beach wilmington ncThe Great:

The beach is great for your health.  Seriously.  Several studies find we are more relaxed, tend to think more creatively, are more compassionate, sleep better, get relief from many respiratory ailments, and enjoy many other health benefits when we spend time at the beach.

Awesome nature.  If you’ve ever watched the sun or the moon rise out of the ocean or have been mesmerized by a pod of playful dolphins or diving pelicans or witnessed hatchlings emerging from a sea turtle nest, you already know how cool it is to witness the amazing events that take place on the beach. From the constantly shifting patterns in the sand to the lull of the waves lapping or crashing on the shore, there is always something worthy of captivating your attention.

Kick-back opportunities are everywhere.  A leisurely walk at the edge of the surf.  A nap in the sun. Sipping your favorite beverage as you watch the tide roll in or go out. “Chasing light” with your camera.  Collecting shells. Reading in the breeze. Floating in the water.  Walking your four-legged friend.  Bicycling the flat terrain.  Dangling a fishing line from a pier.  Enjoying your fresh catch on your deck or patio.  Holiday fireworks and boat flotilla parades. Flying exotic kites. Building sand castles. The list is endless.

Creating memories your kids, grandchildren and friends will cherish for a lifetime.  Beach homes are magical places that draw people together and foster bonds in ways that are hard to duplicate elsewhere.

The Good:

House with boat slip or dock in wilmington ncYour new home is highly likely to appreciate in value.  No, my crystal ball isn’t any clearer than the next, but it doesn’t take a great leap of faith to recognize that our country’s population continues to grow and, as it does, so does the number of people who dream of and work hard to one day own a place at the beach.  Yes, there could be years (like 1999) when multiple storms curb home value appreciation, but the pattern is always followed by a bump in prices, because this is where so many people want to be.


You can subsidize your vacation home by employing it as a vacation rental when you’re not using it.  One of the most popular vacation spots is the beach.  That’s good news for you if you won’t be living here full-time and need or want to subsidize the cost of your beach home.  None of the local beaches have enough hotel rooms to meet the summer demand for accommodations.  What’s more, many vacationers don’t want to spend their vacation in a cramped hotel room.  They far prefer to relax in a place that’s more spacious and comfortable.  (Check with your accountant to find out to maximize any potential tax benefits, too!)

You’re more likely to exercise.  Whether your goal is to just get in your 10,000 steps each day or train for a triathlon, the beach provides plenty of opportunities to keep yourself moving.  Think paddle boarding, surfing, sea kayaking, walks on the beach or boardwalk, bicycling, kite surfing, swimming, running, beach volleyball, horseshoes, beach bocce ball, clamming and shrimping.  In addition, you’re close to tennis and pickleball courts, golf courses, at least a dozen annual 5k races, and several world class marathon and triathlon events.

House on the water in wilmington ncWe have Exclusive Buyers Agents here.  (You have a few in Charlotte, too.)  EBA’s are real estate agents that work with companies that never take listings.  That matters to you as a buyer because it ensures your agent is completely committed to getting the best outcome for you, not the seller.  When you’re making an investment this large, it’s wise to consider whether you should be calling the listing company, especially when it doesn’t cost any more to have an EBA covering your back side.

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