Client Philosophy

Consumer Advocates.  Not Sales People.  It’s who we are as a company and as individuals.  We care more – much more – about you feeling confident and comfortable with your decision to purchase a particular home than we do about closing the deal and collecting a commission check.

Sounds good, but really, what does it mean when we claim to be Consumer Advocates? What does that mean for you?

  1. You will be heard. There’s a difference between listening and really hearing.  We strive to truly understand what you need and want.
  2. You will be well informed. If we know it, we will share it.
  3. You’ll have access to superior professionals. We refer attorneys, inspectors, lenders, surveyors, insurance providers and contractors who have the same philosophy as we do.  They are all committed to being completely transparent and giving you the most objective and balanced information possible.
  4. You will have confidence that we will never pressure you to do something you don’t feel comfortable doing.
  5. You will get our frank opinions, but YOU will always make the final decision. You’ll find we’re willing to tell you what we would do if we were in your position, but we will always make it clear we are not in your position.  You are.  That means the best service we can provide is ample information about all of your choices so YOU can make well-informed decisions.

Bottom line, from your first meeting with any real estate agent, you should have the utmost confidence that agent is committed to you and your best interests.

Cynics are prone to think, “Yeah, right!  All any agent cares about is what’s best for them.”  We won’t argue the point.  Rather we’ll point out that Just For Buyers agents clearly understand that what is best for you IS best for them.

The future of our business is largely dependent on referrals.  Long after you’ve moved into your house, people will ask if you would recommend your agent.  If, for a single second, you thought your agent was more interested in his wallet than he was in yours, would you ever give us a referral?  Of course not.  That’s why you can, indeed, have the utmost confidence your Just For Buyers real estate agent IS committed to you and your best interests.

If that’s the kind of agent you want working on your behalf, call or email us.  910-202-4813.  [email protected]