Join Our Team!

Is working with buyers your forte?  Chances are I’d like to speak with you about the possibility of you joining forces with Just for Buyers Realty.  Be forewarned: we are very selective.  Our criteria for new associates:

You must LOVE working with buyers.

You must work real estate full-time.  Our clients expect our brokers to be at the top of their game and that’s difficult to accomplish if you’re not a full-time player.

You must possess the highest ethics and be willing to walk away from deals that compromise the buyer.

You must be willing to give up all listings, including listings of your personal properties.  You may accept referral fees from the agent to whom you refer listings, but you may not do anything that could cause you ever to be in a position of conflict with any buyer.

You must be willing to earn your Accredited Buyers’ Representative designation within the first six months of joining JFBR.

You must be willing to take classes on effective negotiation, and if a CNE course is available locally, earn the Certified Negotiation Expert designation.

You must be goal-oriented and have the discipline to achieve your goals.

You must have the courage to stand up for your buyer clients when circumstances require it.

You must understand that helping your buyer get the lowest price possible on the house they’re purchasing is, in the long run, the most effective way for you to build your own personal income.  (Can you say “referrals?”)

You must “play well with others.”  We are a small group of brokers who work very closely together.  We do not compete with each other for business.  We help each other develop our list of clients.  We want cooperative cheerleaders with can-do attitudes, not pessimists and naysayers.

If you meet these criteria, let’s talk.  JFBR offers a pleasant, fun, supportive environment.  A buyers-only agency is free of the pressure associated with sellers who are ready to move on and who view you as the primary obstacle standing between them and their future.  Our buyers, while perhaps a bit apprehensive about making such a large purchase, are generally happy people excited about a new stage in their life.  Most are either buying their first home, moving up because of a new job or promotion, expanding to accommodate a new baby, buying their dream home for retirement, or starting a real estate investment portfolio.  Good things are happening in their lives and they’re looking for an expert to make sure the home-buying process is as smooth and stress-free as possible.  

Come work on the fun side of real estate transactions!  Call Kathleen at 910-202-4813 or email us.