Neighborhood Review: Shell Island Village

Shell Island Village is one of the more affluent neighborhoods in the Wrightsville Beach area. The community enjoys a vibrant social scene, plenty of water sport activities, and some of the most stunning sunsets on the east coast.

If you’re looking for beachside real estate in Wrightsville Beach, then this neighborhood may be for you. This review will help you learn more about Shell Island Village so you can decide whether or not this neighborhood might be right for you.

Resort-Style Living on the North Carolina Coast

Shell Island is particularly notable for its resort, the Shell Island Resort. Every year, thousands of vacationers visit the resort to take in the local scenery, attractions, and beaches. As a result, Shell Island Village shares those experiences with its residents on a daily basis. In many ways, living in Shell Island Village is like being on vacation every day. Of course, as with any popular tourist destination, the crowds can be quite large and local residents will find traffic conditions worsen during the summer season.

Shell Island Demographics

According to data compiled by, Shell Island’s population is predominantly made up of non-children households. Just 42.4% of the households are families with children. Married couples make up 42.3% of the community, while 44% of the community is single. With an average age of 36, Shell Island’s population consists of a large percentage of young professionals, 72.2% of whom have an Associate degree or higher.

According to, the average household income for those who reside in Shell Island is $99,999 and the average net worth is $892,753.

Styles of Homes Available in Shell Island

Shell Island Village consists of varying styles of single family homes, condominiums, and townhomes. Most of the structures were built between 1987 and 2007 and according to, the average selling price is $2,023,781.

Nearby Attractions and Amenities

The best thing about Shell Island Village is it is right on the beach. However, once summer arrives, watch out for large numbers of tourists in the area as it is a very popular place for vacationers. Also, it is about a five minute drive, or fifteen minute bike ride, to the “center” of Wrightsville Beach where you can find a small grocery store, shops, and restaurants.

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