Jessica Cottle

Jessica Cottle

Broker (NC License #293187)
[email protected]

Jessica grew up in a small town in North Carolina you’ve probably never heard of, but just a few back roads away from the beach. This afforded her an appreciation of the eastern side of North Carolina from the small country towns, to various different beaches along our coastline, to the busy growing city of Wilmington. Being a true water-baby at heart, living more than an hour from the beach is something she never even considered. She has been living here since 2003. Although she has left a couple of times, she just keeps coming back.

In her free time, Jessica loves to be outside taking full advantage of the activities our area has to offer. Whether it be surfing, playing disc golf, or going to see a live music show, she fills her time with adventures. In addition to being physically active, Jessica loves to exercise her brain. All puzzle types, books, random historical documentaries, anything that she can learn from, captures her until it is mastered.

Her persistence and tenacity to accomplish tasks whether for leisure or work contributes to her drive for success. Life throws so many wrenches in our path, discouraging forward progress. Those wrenches don’t stop Jessica. She uses those wrenches to fix the problems. The purchase of real estate is an exciting moment in your life, but sometimes unforeseen events can hamper your progress. These events are turned to opportunities to show you how valuable an Exclusive Buyer’s Agent is to you. Jessica is on a wonderful team filled with experience, knowledge, and compassion to guide you through those events. Your trust in her instills an unrelenting self-pressure to ensure a fulfilling and completely satisfying transaction on your behalf.

Why you became an EBA:  This is the only real estate business model that is 100% to the benefit of the client.  There is no loyalty to the buyer lost because there are no sellers as clients.

Why JFBR: We are an intimate firm with a very down to earth staff who share a real focus on doing the best job possible for our clients.

What you love most about living in Southeast NC: The sky.  From sunrises and sunsets, to the crazy cloud lines when storms are passing by, to the beautiful Carolina blue sky we are fortunate enough to see on a regular basis, nearly every day you can catch yourself staring up at it like it’s the first time you’ve seen it.

Favorite local attraction: The Basin Trail at the aquarium at Fort Fisher.  There is even a little side path to see the famous Hermit of Carolina Beach’s old war bunker.

Hometown: I was born in Orlando, spent a good bit of time in the suburbs of Raleigh, then the rest of my school years in Calypso, NC.

First Job: Working at the flea market for my dad’s cousin.  I got a whole $20 to spend all day Saturday and Sunday from open to close at her booth.  I’m pretty sure it was an attempt to keep me occupied and out of trouble by my parents.

Perfect Day: Wake up to coffee made, spend the day outside either in the water or playing disc golf, a great dinner and drinks either out or at home (as long as I don’t have to do the cleanup), and green lights all day.

Proudest moment: The day I got my license from the North Carolina Real Estate Commission

Favorite neighborhood: South Harbor Island

Inspiration: All people who have the gumption to go against the grain and follow their dreams

Hero: My mom. She can do anything she puts her mind to and figures it out by herself and perfectly.

People say I am….: Funny and hard working

Favorite local restaurant: For finer dining, Pembroke’s. For casual, Banks Channel or Copper Penny. Favorite fast food is Chops Deli.  It all depends on my mood at the moment.

Best local spot to catch live music: Greenfield Lake Amphitheater is an amazing venue.

Favorite place to play disc golf: Arrowhead Park, conveniently located within 5 minutes of Just For Buyers Realty.