Kathleen Baylies

Kathleen Baylies, Broker-in-Charge (NC License #208895)
[email protected]


As Broker-in-Charge, Kathleen invests much of her time spreading the word about Exclusive Buyers Agents.

The majority of people don’t understand the real and substantial benefit of engaging a buyer’s agent who works for a company that does NOT work with sellers.  “Many people believe they can save money by acting without their own agent and going directly to a listing agent or a builder,” Kathleen explains. “They don’t understand that the seller has already committed to pay a set amount to the listing agent when the home sells.  That amount is the same whether or not another agent is involved in the transaction.  The only thing that changes is that the listing agent keeps all of the commission if there is no buyer’s agent or, if there is, he splits it with the buyer’s agent.”

In one scenario, the buyer has someone looking out for his best interests.  In the other, he doesn’t. Either way, the commission is the same.  Unfortunately, by the time a buyer realizes she isn’t saving money, it’s often too late to do anything about it.

Kathleen loves matching clients with the appropriate broker and is constantly looking for the right individuals to invite to join our select team.  The trait she values most in team members is good listening skills.  An exceptional agent understands his buyers’ priorities and doesn’t waste time showing them inappropriate properties.

“Our exclusive buyer’s agents handle their clients’ transactions as if they were their own,” says Kathleen.  “Most people want information.  They want options.  Mostly, they want someone who will be frank with them and let them know what to watch out for.”

When not at the office, Kathleen spends time volunteering with the American Red Cross, traveling, playing tennis, nature watching, catching full moons as they rise out of the ocean, and sharing great food and good wine with friends.