The Very Best Resource for Finding a Great Listing Agent

Here’s something you don’t see often on our website.  Actually, never…except for this one. It’s an article for sellers. (Well, technically it’s for buyers who need to sell first, but I digress…) You might not think an Exclusive Buyers Agency has much to offer a seller, but here’s one mighty big exception:

Our knowledge of area listing agents.  We see them in action every day and have an amazing opportunity to observe and evaluate how they perform.

Wouldn’t you like to know which ones bust their butts for their sellers and which ones just sit on theirs?  Which ones have repeatedly demonstrated they are trustworthy and which ones slide down the slippery slopes?  Which ones focus on marketing themselves and which ones focus on marketing their clients’ homes?  Which ones keep a calm head when the inevitable bump occurs and which ones fan the flames of panic?  And, most importantly, which ones fight for their sellers at the bargaining table and which ones cave?

We know because we work with them every day.  So, when you need a great listing agent, ask us for a referral.  We’ll give you the names of three of the best.

Just so you know, if you close a sale using an agent we referred to you, that agent’s company will pay ours a referral fee.  “Oh, sure!” your internal cynic cries, until you learn that any licensed agent who refers you to any other licensed agent is going to be paid a referral fee.  Of course, the referral fee is nice, but it’s not why we do it.  We do it because you want to sell your current house as quickly as possible so you can move into the home of your dreams.  We know which professionals have the best track record of making that happen.

Let us help you find a great listing agent.  Call us at 910-202-4813 BEFORE you list your house.

CRITICAL INFO:  Just For Buyers Realty and its agents always work in the best interest of our buyers, NEVER sellers, even when that seller is one of our cherished buyers.  When you call us for suggestions about listing agents, do not tell us any confidential information you would not want a buyer to know.  If we know it, we will share it with our buyer clients, so please be careful about what you tell us when you are selling a property.